Naton Lungus

Ser Naton Lugus is a knight of House Lugus, the broest of bros, and the eldest son of Lord Whosit of Whocares.


Agility: 3
Animal Handling: 3 (Ride 2B)
Athletics: 3 (Strength 2B)
Awareness: 3
Endurance: 4 (Resilience 2B)
Fighting: 4 (Long Blades 2B, Spears 2B)
Language: 3 (Common Tongue)
Marksmanship: 3
Status: 4 (Reputation 1B)
Warfare: 3

Combat Defense: 9 (4 w/armor, 6 w/shield)
Health: 12
Intrigue Defense: 9
Composure: 6

Destiny Points: 1
Benefits: Anointed, Heir, Long Blade Fighter I
Drawbacks: Supreme Arrogance

Half-Plate Armor: AR 9
Bulk 3 (Move 3, Sprint 9)
Longsword / 4D + 2B / 4 damage
Tourney Lance / 4D + 1B / 8 damage / Bulk 1, Mounted, Powerful, Reach, Slow
Shield / 4D / 1 damage / Defensive +2


Quotes by Naton

Naton: “[Rudely flipping through Sybelle’s book.]How can you read this? There’s no pictures!”

Naton: “Tytos, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking…”
Tytos: “A dangeous pastime!”
Naton: "I know!

Naton: “To love and win is the best thing. To love and lose, the next best.”

Quotes about Naton

Jonathan: “Naton? Yeah, I’d fuck him.”

Naton Lungus

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