Song of Ice and Fire: Baker’s Dozen

House Baker, sworn to House Frey. “Under Fire, We Rise”
Seated at the Cauldron, which overlooks Bakerstown, on the King’s Road. House Baker’s Vineyard produces the Cauldron born wine, which is blood red in colour and is a bitter Wine. While not as popular as Arbor Gold, or Sunspear’s Dornish Red, Cauldron born is a common find in Riverun and The Twins as well as not an uncommon sight in White Harbor and the Dreadfort with some barrels even reaching Winterfell and The Wall.

Bakerstown is a small trading hamlet that holds the peasants that work House Baker’s Vineyard, Wheat and Barley fields, and pastures as well as Horned Lord’s Inn, Named after the King Beyond the Wall that was slain by Iron King Balon Hoare around where the Cauldron stands today.

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Song of Ice and Fire:Baker's Dozen