Song of Ice and Fire:Baker's Dozen

Baker's Dozen: From the Cauldron and into the Fire
Or how to properly salt and cook Mountain Lion, Wolf, and Weasels

Vesnah awoke with sunlight pouring into the room, She turned over to see Black Walder snoring in the bed next to her. She arose dressed in riding clothes and walked downstairs with a pounding in her head. The dining hall was being clean by retainers of Houses Frey and Baker. Ser Steveron Frey and Lord Tristifer Baker Sat at the head table breaking their fast over bread and milk. Vesnah sat at her usual seat and Lyanna “Snow” and Kara were soon to follow. Wotan Spoke to his eldist daughter and soon Aigne Rivers and Shiel Rivers brought Ser Jonathan Baker to their usual seats. Ser Steveron rose cleared his throat “The Lord Paramount Hoster Tully has commanded my father Lord Walder Frey to end a squable between Lord Dunstan Tullyson and Lord Harald Dulver. Lord Walder Says that since Lord Dunstan and the heir of House Baker both have Frey Mothers and Lord Dunstan’s grandmother was Lord Tristifer’s]] elder sister. My lord Father thinks those facts make ”/wikis/house-baker" class=“wiki-page-link”> House Baker is posed to help settle this dispute." with that Ser Steveron sat back down. Lord Tristifer cleared his throught and said " I will send my son and heir Ser Jonathan Baker, his shadows, Lyanna “Snow”, and my houses’ personal mason Vesnah to The Mountain’s reach to maintain the King’s peace. That is my command and I shall not hear it questioned, You will leave with the hour." within an hour Ser Jonathan, Lyanna Snow, Vesnah, Shiel & Aigne Rivers were on the King’s road, Lyanna was on a borrowed Frey horse, Ser Jonathan riding Ballbreaker, Vesnah on her own horse and Ser Jonathan’s retainers on the wagon. On the wagon Vesnah brought Salt, tea leaves, Cinammon, Silk, three Sheep, and some pieces of elm.

The party travelled along the King’s Road passing open plains, rolling hills, and sparse woods before making camp by the road. That night Lyanna dreamt that she was running through fields, then she smelt it prey. Lyanna bounded off on all fours towards the smell, then she saw the rabbit with its brown and grey fur, it looked up too late the pink nose twitching as the plump rabbit started to run Lyanna grabbed it in her powerful snout and gave a mighty shake, and audible crack was heard as the rabbit’s body went limp, its nose still twitching. Vesnah was on watch consulting star charts when she looked over and saw Kara striding back with a half eaten Rabbit in its jaws. As dawn approached Vesnah thought that she should get something other the jerky and bread that had been packed. and so she grabbed her hunting bow and for about a half an hour she tracked paw prints of a pack of weasels. then she came across it, a dying mountain lion and wolf barely breathing with half a dozen weasels dead around the animals, an older looking weasel snarled at Vesnah. She pinned the elder weasel with an arrow through the skull. Vesnah for a moment dreaded what ill omen this scene could portend as the remaining weasels fled. She laughed thinking what a fool she would seem as she tied and then hoisted up the dead weasles, mountain lion, and wolf and carried them back to camp.

The next day was similarly uneventful as the part left the King’s road to head to the Mountain’s Reach. The party camped were a grove once stood, with the same three taking watch. Ser Jonathan Baker slept in his tent while Kara and Lyanna drifted off resting their heads on a white stump. Lyanna Karstark found herself walking down a hallway with no sources of light but illuminated none the less, as she walked she heard singers to each side, small people with golden eyes with cat like pupils and green skin. Lyanna continued down the hallway when the hallway stopped she saw two people conversing in a language that sounded familiar yet she did not know. Another one of the singers stood before the weirwood throne, the singer reminded Lyanna of someone she knew. It was then that she saw him, a man in black armor with a white dragon on it roots growing through out him “How have come here dreamer?” Lyanna was startled when the corpse on the Weirwood throne spoke to her, " I… I… I don’t know I was sleeping then I found myself here and" Lyanna silenced herself when the thing on the throne rose its hand “now child you must fly.” the roots beneath Lyanna open up and she began to fall. Blackness and an uncountable amount of Stars shone above her with Planetos seeming like some great disk beneath her. As the ground came rushing up to great her she saw a great many things, in Sunspear a man in a chair talking with a man who looked his brother and a man who looked like a loving grandfather dressed like a Maester without his chain, In King’s Landing Lyanna saw a man with a falcon and moon on hid doublet pouring over a ponderous tome in a tower a man with golden hair laid with a woman who also had golden hair, further up the King’s Road Lyanna saw her party’s camp, Vesnah Shiel Kara and herself were asleep with Aigne eating some of the left over weasel, even further north Lyanna saw her father praying in the Karhold Godswood in front of the weirwood tree, Her gaze rested upon where she would fall far north of the wall upon spikes with hundreds of fellow dreamers. Lyanna desperately flapped her arms screaming as the ground flew closer and closer, “that’s no way to fly.” Squawked a Raven next to her. “I AM NOT FLYING I’M FALLINGLyanna yelled desperately flapping her arms even harder. The Raven began to peck at her shoulder blades causing her Karstark cape to begin to fray apart. “here is where you fly or you die” the three eyed raven cawed. Lyanna focused on the pain in her back and pulled up. the wind rose beneath her as Lyanna Karstark flew towards the white sun against a black starless sky. Lyanna sprung up covered in sweat as everyone else was beginning to break down camp.

On the road Vesnah looked up from the bow she was finishing seeing Lyanna Snow talking with Shiel Rivers. about the dream she had earlier, she jessed that maybe it was the wine.

Baker's Dozen: The coming of the Frey
And they bringeth Frey hats

Lyanna rose from the hill she had been sitting on to see an older Jonathan Baker rides out from The Cauldron seat of House Baker, A dark and stout tower with the Hamlet of Bakersville surrounding the Tower, twenty horses followed the Knight with a the 100 archers following the Crannogwomen, Aigne Rivers & Shiel Rivers. The men of the Cauldron met the Assembled hosts of the Riverlords all under a Banner of Mokingjays on a yellow backround. Across the field an army of dead men and Drowned mouthless men, Above them stood two figures one whose armor shone like light with pale blue skin and shining blue eyes, and the other whose face was twisted into that of some sea gargoyle. Lyanna heard warhorns from the distance, Hah-Oooh Hah-Oooh Hah-Oooh with each horn blow bleeding into the next. The two armies began to charge at eachother. As the two run eachother Lyanna “Snow” jumped up from her bed in a cold sweat the sun cresting over the Mountains of the moon with Cara, the shaggy wolf with black fur and grey streaks through out, looking at her master.

Vesnah rose from bed looking at her husband, an all around average man, She rose from her bed and broke her fast with bread, Cauldronborn, and two apples. Vesnah then walked towards the Cauldron. She climbed to her position on the Grainery close to the tower. The trestle board covered with smudges as Vesnah tried to figure out how to expand some of the Cauldron’s doors to compensate for Ser Jonathan Baker need to be carried throughout the keep. Vesnah was broken out of her concentrated state when Pate the Archer called out for her. “Wotan requests your presence for lunch.” Pate yelled with a gormless look on his face. Vesnah gave the bowmen an imperious stare before moving her tools under cover. “Why you moving your tools?” Pate asked scratching were his chin should have been. “To keep them dry,” Vesnah said calmly walking briskly towards the tower.

The doors of the hall glided open as Vesnah walked into the dining hall and sat at her usual place close to the Lord Baker on the other side of Wotan Rivers. Jonathan was carried into the hall by two of his Crannogmen Cousins, daughters of Wotan, the two women were loyal retainers to a fault. The meal was bread, wine, cheese, and lamb haunches covered in gravy. Wotan, the bastard brother of Lord Tristifer Baker rose and asked Vesnah to give her recommendation on how to proceed with the planning on how to modify the tower to better acomidate the heir of the house. “The Cauldron may one day be his keep but that day is not today.” Lord Tristifer snarled out contempt dripping with every word. “Even so we must prepare for that time when …” Wotan stated to say
When the Lord Tristifer got up and yelled “Enough Talk! I will hear no more today.” A thunder clap following his words as he slammed the door. The rain quickly followed. Vesnah was reading on the origin of the blood feud between House Frey and House Reed. This when on until Pate the Archer rushed into the hall, his steps making wet plops with each step. “Some lord is commin’ up the King’s road with a large procession Quellon thinks he means to stop here.” Pate reported. Lord Tristifer leaned forward “And when will this host arrive in Bakersville?” Pate sucked on his lower lip, “‘bout now M’lord.” A vain pulsed in Lord Tristifer’s forehead. “Open the Gate or I swear I will open you head!” He Yelled face turning red. Pate quickly began to run fell onto his face picked himself up and ran all the way to the portcullis and opened the gate. The procession marched in their leather arming caps soaked so much that some of the ropes were disintegrating. One of the guards blew on a horn with only wet noises coming from the bronze instrument, he gave up and made the horn call himself. “Introducing Ser Stevron Frey, heir to the crossing, and protector of the Twins.” On the guards had yelled looking at his compatriot with the horn. Ser Stevron walked in puddles forming with ever step. “We sent ravens telling of our arrival.” Ser Stevron wiping the the water from his eyes. “We received no such ravens! Do you…” Lord Tristifer managed to say before a raven flew into the room landing infront of Wotan. “Corn!” Cawwed the Raven as if expecting a reward. Wotan undid the binding around the note. “Dear Lord ”/characters/lord-tristifer-baker" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lord Tristifer Baker See Stevron and a party from House Frey will be meeting you to charge you with keeping the King’s Justice in regards to a growing feud between houses Tullystone and Dulver." Wotan read the letter and the only sound was the dripping of Freys and the pounding of the rain. Ser Stevron and Lord Tristifer began to laugh, as the two’s laughter filled the Cauldron as other joined the old friends.

The feast was meagre as soup, bread, and Cauldronborn were the only items shared between all of the guests. Ser Jonathan was carried off by the two Crannogwomen, Vesnah and Black Walder left the feast to find a secluded room, and Lyanna drank a great many Frey’s under the table. The two friends spoke in hushed tones as the embers died and Luanna stumbled her way back to her bed.


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